For the publications listed below, please contact the relevant institution or organizations. Publications by SCECSAL member library and information associations can be obtained from the associations. Please see SCECSAL Member Associations for contact details.

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)

  • Libraries and information services towards the attainment of the UN Millennium Development Goals /edited by Benson Njobvu and Sjoerd Koopman. Munchen: K G Saur, 2008. IFLA Publications 134. ISBN: 978-3-598-22040-1 [Contains a selection of the papers presented at SCECSAL XVIII, July 2008, Lusaka, Zambia]
  • Librarianship as a bridge to an information and knowledge society in Africa /edited by Alli Mcharazo and Sjoerd Koopman. Munchen: K G Saur, 2007. IFLA Publications 124. ISBN: 978-3-598-22031-9 [Contains a selection of the papers presented at SCECSAL XVII, July 2006, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania]

Namibian Information Workers Association (NIWA)

  • Sustainable Financing of National and University Libraries: Proceedings of the 4th Standing Conference of African National and University Libraries in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (SCANUL-ECS), Government Office Park Auditorium, 10 - 11 April 2000, Windhoek, Namibia / Compiled and edited by Justin Chisenga. Windhoek: Namibian Information Workers Association, 2000 ISBN: 99916-752-3-X.

The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications

  • User information literacy: case studies from university library programmes in the SCANUL-ECS region / edited by Elizabeth Kiondo and Jangawe Msuya. Oxford: INASP, Dar es Salaam: SCANUL-ECS, 2005. 252p.

  • Income generation: experiences from public library systems in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa / edited by Anne Powell. Oxford: INASP, 2003. 90p. ISBN: 10 902928 18 0.
  • Income generation: experiences from eight university libraries in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa / Tirong arap Tanui, Joseph J. Uta, Annie Pienaar, Jenny Raubenheimer, Hester G. Boltman, Julita Nawe, Elizabeth Kiondo, James Mugasha, C. B. M. Lungu; edited by Diana Rosenberg. Oxford: INASP, Sovenga: SCANUL-ECS, 2001. 90p. ISBN: 1 902928 07 5.

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