Below (in PDF) are guidelines and templates for reports that have been approved by the SCECSAL General Council to facilitate the operation of the SCECSAL. The documents are intended for use by the member Associations. Interpretation of the guidelines rests with the SCECSAL General Council.


  • SCECSAL Author Awards - outlines the process for selecting the winners of the Author Awards and the Best SCECSAL Conference Paper Awards. [Revised and approved on: 18/09/2017]

  • SCECSAL Conference Hosts - outlines the process for selecting the hosts of the SCECSAL confrences and the supporting documentation to be submitted by the Associations bidding to host the conference. [Approved on: 18/09/2017]

  • SCECSAL Excellence Awards - outlines the process for nominating and selecting the awardees for the SCECSAL Excellence Awards. [Revised and approved on: 04/04/2023]

  • SCECSAL Guidelines for Authors - provides instructions for formatting papers to be presented at SCECSAL conferences. [Updated on: 01/09/2023]

  • SCECSAL Permanent Secretariat Host - outlines the process for selecting the member Association to host the permanent SCECSAL Secretariat. [Approved on: 23/04/2018]


  • SCECSAL Mandatory Records - outlines the types of records to be submitted to the SCECSAL Archives by the member Associations, and the sanctions that may be imposed for non-compliance. [Approved on: 23/04/2018]

  • SCECSAL Conference Papers and Publications - includes policy statements on papers to be presentated at SCECSAL conferences and to be included in the SCECSAL conference proceedings/publications; and adherence to SCECSAL publications guidelines. [Approved on: 04/04/2023].

  • SCECSAL Conference Refund/Cancellation Policy - outlines the conditions for refunds of conference registration fees. [Approved on: 26/10/2023]


  • Biennial Country Reports - member Associations should follow the structure and guidelines in this template when preparing country reports to be presented at the biennial SCECSAL Confderence. [Approved on: 26/01/2018]

  • SCECSAL Conference Reports - hosts for biennial SCECSAL Conferences should follow the structure and guidelines in this template when preparing the conference report. [Approved on: 26/01/2018]

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